About our obsession

And the beliefs that drive us.

We're 100% focused on designing world-class variable speed drives. You won’t find any generalists round here.

After 45+ years, we’re still in hot pursuit of ever-better motor control, reliability and energy efficiency, in every drive we create.

We’re always thinking about what’s next. Right now, we’re using NFC technology to let you set up, fine tune and test our drives with your phone.

Our history

We’ve been drive obsessives for a long time. Explore nearly 50 years of Control Techniques.


Obsessives included

Personal customer service comes as standard. From OEMs to end users, developing partnerships is what we are all about. We have drive obsessives ready to connect, to see your projects through and to offer solutions that you won’t find anywhere else.


They’ve got our back

We’re part of the Nidec Group, the world’s biggest brand in motors, active in over 70 countries.

Expertise Everywhere

We’ve got a unique network of Drive Centres, offering sales, technical support, repair and application expertise, for wherever you are in the world.

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