Elevator Drive

Our elevator drives keep any building moving, from small residential units to luxury high rises. Product selection, installation, setup and service couldn’t be simpler.

Rapid set-up and adjustment

We use intuitive parameter adjustment in familiar elevator language and units, plus stationary autotune meaning no de-roping the system or opening the motor brakes.

Optimum ride comfort

Stay smooth with direct-to-floor positioning, peak curve operation and high-resolution multi-step S-ramp, plus advanced brake control management – preventing rollback on starting without a load sensor.

Silent operation

We’ve got TÜV certified STO enable input, removing the need for both output motor contactors, high switching frequencies up to 16 kHz and variable speed cooling fan.

Energy efficient

We cut power consumption with sleep mode that powers down unused circuitry during standby, and easy connection to a range of regenerative modules.

Product details