pump drive

Pump Drive

Precise, dependable flow control, with everything you need baked into the drive itself using terminology you'll understand.

Minimal set-up

The F600 drive is optimised for minimal setup time, sacrificing none of the flexibility; with clear parameter naming and structuring providing the answers in a format you’ll understand.

Delivering efficiency

85% of a pump’s life-cycle cost is attributed to energy consumption; the F600 drive delivers efficient ways of operating your variable torque application, reducing running costs and lowering energy requirements.

Saving energy, and money too

F600 can control the most efficient IE5-level motors available, such as the Nidec Leroy Somer Dyneo+ hybrid permanent-magnet motor, to save you money every day.

Truly versatile

F600 offers dry-run prevention, pipe fill, pump cleaning, over-cycling protection and level switch control plus a range of control modes covering single & parallel pump configurations, making it a truly versatile solution.

Weather..who cares?

The Pump Drive F600 offers a full IP65 solution with exactly the same dedicated pump features & capabilities as the standard models.

IP65 provides protection from total dust ingress and low pressure water jets from any direction, making it a simple choice for harsh environments and the outdoors*.

*Shading from direct sunlight is required

Applications include

Wastewater  Surface Water  Drinking Water  Irrigation  Industrial Pumping  

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