Every company has a flagship; a product that leads the charge. For us, it’s Unidrive, our high performance drive family. More than a million motors across the world rely on it.

Scalable control

With its scalable control and motion architecture, it’s the drive that can take any challenge you throw at it.

Refined in every detail

Unidrive is the accumulation of almost half a century of motor control expertise, continuously refined to keep it at the cutting edge.

Always ingenious

We’ve got brilliant engineers on hand to tailor solutions to your application. And technical experts ready to offer 24/7 support – anytime, anywhere.

Heroically efficient

Unidrive brings improved energy efficiency to all applications, delivering up to 98% efficiency and minimising losses during the conversion process.

Seamless integration

Unidrive integrates seamlessly into your system, supporting multiple protocols enabling different systems to share one design, reducing engineering effort and complexity.

Protected from all angles

All Unidrive M drives have integrated dual Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs, certified to SIL3 / PLe, providing an elegant and reliable safety solution.

The addition of MiS210 safety options extends the built-in STO with the ability to safely monitor and/or restrict the scope of motion.

To find out more, visit our Functional Safety page.

Applications include

Hoists  Winding  Cutting  Woodworking  Test stands  Printing  Web Handling  Textiles  Packaging Machines  Tyre Manufacturing  Extrusion  Metals  Marine  Speed & positioning  

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